7 Life Lessons by 17

Hi guys,

Here are 20 things I have learned by age 17. I feel like sometimes, it's valuable to know what other people regard as important and a key life lesson to help them get by. Here are mine.

1. Time heals everything. I know this one is so cliche, but I believe it right down to the  bottom of my heart. Anything you think you will never get over, will get easier with time. Whether it's a broken heart, a lost friendship or a lost opportunity, it will get easier. Give it time. 

However, give yourself time to get over it. My rule is (dependent on the situation) that I have 2 weeks. Been heartbroken over a broken relationship? Give yourself two weeks to feel really shitty. Allow yourself to cry when you need to, to moan about your situation, and to feel sorry for yourself. But after these two weeks, get yourself back on track. Stop thinking about it, start going out with your friends and moving on. Time will heal it, but you need to help as well. 

2. You can never have too many perfumes. Never. Trust me on this one. There will never be a time you won't thank yourself for having that backup bottle of perfume when your favourite runs out. This has taken me 17 years to learn, but trust me, now I am fully stocked to smell good 24/7. 

3. Life is too short to not spend money on things you really want. Now for me, this applies to perfume (clearly I have an addiction). But what I mean by this is that if you think something will make you feel confident, save up and buy yourself it. Whether it's that £40 foundation that you know will make you feel on top of the world or a £5 top that you know will always be a safe bet, buy it. I don't mean spend your money on a bunch of stuff you don't need, but at the end of the day, we work and work and work to buy money for things that we don't need. Life's too short. Buy that foundation and feel good about it.

4. You don't look bad in that photo. Look back at any photo of yourself from a couple of years ago and remember how awful you thought it was at the time. I bet it's not as bad now, and think of that next time you don't take a photo because you look bad. Photos can last a lifetime, and is it really worth forgetting a good day you had because you've erased all the memories of it? I will always keep my photos now (thankyou Snapchat memories, you've got me) and cherish them.

5. Take care of your skin. Working in the beauty industry has allowed me to understand the regrets you will have for not doing this. The amount of people I see that look in the mirror and don't like what they see is horrible. "Look at these lines", "I hate the way my skin looks", "Look at your young skin; no lines" etc. The list goes on and on. I know we think other things are more important, and they may be, but please make sure you look after your skin. It can't be replaced.

6. Nobody is 100% sure of themselves, either. Whenever I see an attractive person put themselves down, I think, "how can you possibly think that?". But try and remember that everybody has flaws. For me, I hate my nose. But other people just do not see it. It's so difficult yet important to understand that your flaws are only flaws to you, not others.

7. If you don't do it, you will regret it. If you are umming and aaing about something - do it! You will always regret a lost opportunity, but you won't regret a lost outcome. For example, I found what I thought was my soulmate, the long lost love of my life, when I was fourteen on holiday (young love, am I right?), and I had the perfect opportunity to approach him. He was on a boat, sea sick, sitting by himself and probably feeling very sorry for himself. There I was, on the opposite seat, very much feeling sorry for this beautiful stranger who was alone and ill. I could have easily approached him and met my soulmate (the naivety is still there, if you're wondering) but I didn't. And boy, do I regret this. I would much rather have approached him and never have seen him again after a harsh rejection, but now I will never know the outcome. (P.S. If you were on holiday in Kefalonia in 2014 and became sea sick on a boat, I would love to get to know you ;) )