News & November Favourites...

Hi guys.

A few weeks ago I said that I was stopping my blog, however I realised how much I enjoy blogging. So, I decided that I would keep my blog under this domain so all of my regular viewers can still read my blog, but you might have seen that I've deleted my other posts as I want to start again. So anyway, my 'first' post is going to be my November favourites! (:

- Tresemme Split End Remedy Hair Mask; I bought this last month and I enjoyed using it all throughout November. It really has helped with my split ends and it makes your hair so soft. There is also another option which is the Heat Remedy Hair Mask which I think I'm going to try once I've finished this tub, however there is so much product I don't think that will be for a while...

- Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation; I've had this foundation for a while now. I find it's a light-medium coverage (not heavy) and it's a really natural finish foundation. It doesn't look cakey and I think (talking about what I remember from about 3 months ago) it is meant to match to everyone's skin colour. I have mine in 103 True Ivory, however this is a little dark for me.

- Freederm Gel; At the beginning of November my skin suddenly went really bad. I kept breaking out and my skin felt really horrible. However, when I went shopping I picked up this product and it helped so much. At first it helps control redness and then it really helps remove any spots/blemishes. This product is definitely worth picking up.

- Starlytes Candle in Toasted Coconut; When I was in town about a month ago I really wanted a candle for my room and came across. I picked it up because it's no secret that I'm a sucker for anything smelling like coconut and this is such a nice smell. I really like this burning in my room or something when it's cold as it's more of a wintery smell.

- L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal Shampoo & Conditioner; I really wanted a new shampoo as I was running out and had seen this advertised on TV. After using this for a few weeks it has made my hair really soft (especially if I use the Tresemme hair mask afterwards) and it looks really shiny. There is one thing I don't like about this though and that is that my hair becomes quite greasy after about a day, and usually I wash my hair every other day but if I use these I have to wash my hair daily which I don't really like to do as it takes out the natural oils in your hair.

- Nyx Gel Liner & Smudger; If you have a Next store in your area you may know that selected stores have a Nyx collection. In my town my Next store doesn't but when I went shopping somewhere else I came across this. After watching a lot of tutorials where they use gel liner I really wanted to try some and this has not disappointed me.

- Soap and Glory Mist You Madly; I really love this scent. It is a slightly more summery smell however I still like to wear in winter as it smells really good. If you haven't tried it check it out because it's not too expensive and comes in a massive bottle.

- Lush Cupcake Face Mask; A while ago (literally about 4 months ago) I was in Lush and really wanted to try one of their facemasks as I had heard good reviews about them and wanted to try one out. I got speaking to one of the assistants (who was really kind by the way haha) and she suggested trying out Cupcake as it was good for teenage skin. After trying it out it is by far the best face mask I've used and really helps control spots. There is something I don't like however and that is the smell. It has a really strong scent of chocolate and mint, which I like however not on my face.

- Carmex; If you suffer from chapped lips in the winter then this is definitely what you need to pick up. You can almost feel it sinking into your lips and it slightly tingles, then making them really soft. You can pick this u in loads of places and there is so many styles and flavours to choose from; you can get it in a tub, a roll up tube, a squeezy tube and in so many flavours such as mint, vanilla, strawberry, cherry and original.

So I hope you all enjoyed this post! :)