Skincare Routine!

So, as summer is slowly *emphasises slowly* beginning to brew, my skin is slightly becoming better. Albeit, I do not have perfect skin, but who does? Yes, some people are blessed with gorgeous, clear glowing skin, but 99% of us are stuck with these horrific blemishes that never seem to disappear. With that being said, I have found a skincare routine that actually works for me, and believe me, it's only taken about two years...

The first thing I like to do is 'prep' my skin. This means remove all of my makeup using the Simple cleansing wipes (let's all be honest, guys. How many of you actually use cleanser every single night?) As these are much quicker to use. 

Next I like to wash my face using the Clean 'N' Clear Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. The micro-beads in this are just right- normally I find that they're really harsh, but these don't affect my skin at all and are actually very soothing. This just ensures that all my makeup is off and I have no excess oils or dirt on my face.

After this I will pour a tiny bit of the Simple Soothing Toner onto the palm of my hand and dab that all over my face. I prefer to do this with my hands instead of a cotton pad as I find those soak up most of the liquid and don't do much good. Using your hands ensures that you get the majority of toner on your face so that it actually helps.

After this, I move onto my eyes. Taking the Vitamin E night cream by The Body Shop, I get a little bit on my ring finger and blend it in. Make sure to move in the direction towards your nose, if you don't do this you can create puffiness underneath your eyes (which we are trying to avoid here!)

Going back to my face, I then apply the Creightons Perfectly Clear Mattifying Moisturiser. This is amazing and I absolutely swear by it. Avoid your eye area though as we already have eye cream on those.

Finally, when the moisturisers absorbed, I take the Boots Witch hazel Spot Wand and apply this to any blemishes. It doesn't get rid of spots but it does reduce the redness a lot. 

 I hope you all liked this post; Day One of the month completed! Let me know if you do this at home, all the products mentioned are completely affordable and are all probably available in your local drugstore (except the Vitamin E eyecream- that's from the body shop :) )