GRWM- Wedding!

Hi guys!
Yesterday afternoon/evening I went to a wedding with my family. I was hoping to do a GRWM (I even had an alarm set haha) but I was in a bit of a rush and didn't manage to do so. Luckily a couple of my friends went and started to take some photos on my phone, so I managed to find a few of my outfit for you. I'll explain what my hair and makeup looked like aswell. Hope you enjoy this!

For the makeup I kept it quite natural. I started off by applying the MAC concealer on any blemishes I had. I then took my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer and put that under my eyes. Afterwards I powdered my face using the Maybelline Matte Maker Powder to set it all.
For the eyes I took my Maybelline Thick or Thin eyeliner and created a small wing. I then just applied some mascara, and for the lips I applied the Soap and Glory 'A good kisser' lipbalm.

As for the hair I decided to straighten it. Originally I was going to curl it but my hair was not cooperating with me haha. I then did a half up half down style and messed it up to make it look more natural.

Finally for my outfit I wore a black dress with white polka dots all over it. I believe I have mentioned this in another post but I will insert a picture of me wearing it below. My shoes were my favourite part of the outfit and these were from Newlook. Again you can  see them in the photo but I will leave a link down below.


Here are a few photos from the night. They're not very good because I didn't know whether to leave my friends in or not, however I don't have their permission so I didn't want to and all of the photos have them in haha. They're also quite blurry from zooming in but you can still see them.