Update! Where I've been, plans etc.

Hi guys!

It's been a good month and a half since my last blog (in all honesty I genuinely did not know it had been that long!) and today I just thought I'd update you on where I've been. Ok, so for the past few weeks I've had lots of Cheerleading (competition season) and therefore I haven't been able to blog on the weekends. I've also just been really busy in general with lots of things happening after school etc. I apologise for the excuses but they are genuine reasons why I haven't blogged.

As you may know the Summer is coming up (finally!) and we break up from school. During this time I hope to get lots of makeup looks, OOTD, GRWM posts up, however I can't promise as I am going to Greece for a bit and I have lots of plans with my friends. I will definitely be posting more than usual, however, so I hope you all make sure to keep updated.

Thankyou for all understanding! :)