Autumn Must Haves / Wish List!

I absolutely love Autumn. It is a beautiful season and I love the colours that come with it, so I thought I'd put together a 'Must Have / Wish List' list to share with you what I think are essential during these cooler months. Also, I joined these two posts together as some of the 'Must Haves' I want to include I have either used before and want to buy again, or have seen in a shop and think they will fit nicely into this post. Anyway lets get started!

*Side Note*- All of the photos are from the internet as my camera has recently broken. I could use my phone but the quality isn't very good and it is a lot easier to get photos off of the internet. No copyright intended. :)

Firstly, during Autumn I think a lip balm is essential. In Summer they are very important, but for different reasons, such as not getting burned on your lips. However, as the temperature starts to drop you will probably feel as though you could do with a nice lip balm. If you want a tint, I recommend the Maybelline Baby Lips as they provide nice colour. If not, Carmex is my all time favourite!

Next, I think that a dark, berry lipstick is a good thing to have in Autumn. I think personally that they look stunning on a lot of people, and can really brighten up a dark outfit. I recommend Rimmel's Kate Moss in shade 107- the pigmentation pay off is great and it is very long lasting.

Next, I love Tartan prints in Autumn. I don't know what it is, or why it is, but I think they look stunning at this time of the year, especially with a dark lip. I really recommend a Tartan t-shirt dress (I am trying to get my hands on one at the minute- all of them are sold out! Any websites you know would be great haha) or Tartan leggings, which I currently own. You can pick them up from Topshop, or I believe eBay do a similar pair for a bit cheaper.

Nail Varnishes are always good, and if you get a nice shade, they can look stunning. I'm not usually one to change my nail colour dependant on the seasons, but lately I've been loving deep red shades on my nails. I also think dark greens look nice at this time of the year- I haven't managed to get my hands on one yet, but I'm hoping to do so soon. I really love Bordeaux by Essie as a dark red.

I know this next ones strange, but it's something we all wear! I have seen lots of people wearing these types of coats lately, and I am loving them! Obviously there are thousands of coats out there, and I'm still sticking to my green parka for now, but I love these. I believe you can pick them up in Topshop, but for a cheaper alternative Matalan do them.

I've always been a big fan of bags, and whilst in Summer I still use one, I always tend to stick with backpacks. However, in the Autumn/Winter I love using tote bags and shoulder bags, and lately I've been seeing some gorgeous ones! I've seen so many stunning bags in Accessorize, so if you've been looking for a nice bag, I definitely recommend it there.
Scarves are a necessity in Autumn and Winter, and I personally love tartan printed scarves (again, sticking with the tartan theme!). ASOS sell some really pretty ones, and they are actually very affordable. I think tartan scarves go really well with a green parka jacket and Chelsea boots.

Finally, I LOVE Chelsea boots at the minute. They look gorgeous and suit everybody! I think they're going to be very big this year, so I would recommend picking up a pair. Newlook do some gorgeous ones, and they are so affordable for the quality. 

 I hope you all liked this post! Leave a comment down below if you pick any of these things up. :)