Easy School Makeup and Hair!

Although we all dread going back to school, that time of the year is now upon us. I know that normally I get up at about 6:15, and believe me, I feel like death! Once I get my makeup on, however, I usually feel a bit better, so I thought I'd show you a quick and easy School Makeup and Hair!

*Disclaimer* You could say I do wear quite a lot of makeup to school, however in no way at all am I trying to say you would need to wear this much. :)


First I apply a primer to the areas of my face that my makeup comes off the most, i.e. my nose.
Next I leave that to dry for about 5 minutes. During this time I will do my eyeliner. For the eyeliner I do a small wing and a thin line across my eyelid.
Next, whilst waiting for my eyeliner to dry, I'll apply concealer to any spots or blemishes. 
After concealing, I'll powder my face around my T-Zone and over the concealer to set it.
Moving onto my eyebrows, I fill them in with a brow powder. 
After everything is done I move onto my mascara. I use 2 mascaras; one to get the volume and one to get length. 
Finally I apply a blush. I've been loving this one as it's perfect for Autumn / Winter.

So that's all I do for makeup! Some days I won't wear any face makeup at all, and other days I may only wear mascara (it depends how tired I am! Haha)


For the hair I usually curl or straighten it for school. If on some strange day it doesn't look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards, I won't, but the majority of the time I have to. Today my hair was curled, so I left it down. You can see in the pictures that quite a lot of it had dropped, but usually it stays put quite well! The other hairstyle I usually go for is a ponytail, which I've demonstrated (I know you all probably know how to tie a ponytail but oh well).