Summer Favourites 2016

Hi guys! These are my 2016 Summer favourites. I've recently discovered a lot of new products that I absolutely love, so let's get started...

  • Kiko Definition Waterproof Eyeliner - This eyeliner is hands down the best eyeliner I've ever used. As someone who suffers with sensitive and watery eyes, it's difficult to find an eyeliner that can last all day. It's even more difficult to find an eyeliner that lasts a nap, a train journey, an airplane ride, a taxi in 30°C heat, a swim in the pool and a shower (yes, all in one day!) but this eyeliner does just that. I will never be able to use another eyeliner again, and for those of you that are winged eyeliner fanatics like me, this is an essential product for you! 
          Retail price at Kiko - £6.90

  • B. Blending Sponge - Unless you want an actual Beauty Blender, this is the perfect alternative. Never have I had my foundation / concealer look so flawless and last so long as I have when I use this sponge. It's shaped just like a Beauty Blender, and when it's damp, blends your foundation flawlessly. Also, you're saving £11! 
          Retail price at Superdrug - £4.99

  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - I know everyone went crazy about this concealer around 3 years ago, but I was never a fan. I felt it looked too cakey on my skin and didn't blend nicely. But, after discovering the B. Blending Sponge, I dug out my concealer (don't worry, I hadn't had it long!) and I can finally see what the hype was all about! Also, with a little baking, it stays put ALL DAY. Seriously, I've never had a concealer last so well!
          Retail price at Superdrug - £4.19 

  • Morphe Brushes 35T Colour Taupe Palette - Okay, so you guys know I'm all about drugstore products. But, my friend bought me this palette for my birthday, and I am obsessed with it! The shades are absolutely gorgeous, and they look stunning. Although at first I was slightly disappointed with the lasting power, after using a primer with the eyeshadows, I struggle to take them off! 
          Retail price at Beauty Bay - £18.25

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - As I said, I'm not usually a high end person. However, because eyeshadow doesn't tend to last on my eyes, I decided to try this primer after hearing amazing reviews from friends. I only bought the small size to see if I liked it, and I love it! The applicator makes it so easy to apply and it makes my eyeshadow last all day!
          Retail price at House of Fraser - £8.00 

  • Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo / "On and On Bronze" - I'm more of a powder eyeshadow girl, but after hearing amazing reviews on these eyeshadows, I picked one up from Superdrug. They are amazing! Without a primer, they last all day. They literally do not budge! Also, I have the colour 35 - On and On Bronze, and although it looks absolutely stunning on all eye colours, it seriously compliments blue eyes. It also looks great by itself, but with a darker bronze shade in the crease, it's perfect for a more intense look. 
          Retail price at Superdrug - £4.99