Everyday Makeup Routine...

Today I thought I would share with you my current Everyday Makeup Routine. I like to try and keep my makeup fairly simple but sometimes I do wear slightly more. Today I will be going through everything that I do on a day where I do where a bit more makeup.

1. Start off by cleansing your face to remove any excess dirt or makeup from the previous night.

2. First of all you may want to apply a primer. I skip this step as I have never felt the need for a primer, however if you do use one then do this step. After priming your face (if you do so) apply some foundation. The amount of coats is optional and dependant on your preference; I only apply a light coat however you may want to go for a second etc. I like to use the LOOK Beauty Airbrush Base Foundation in shade Light/Medium and apply this with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. 

3. I then powder my face using the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder. I have mine in shade 006 Warm Beige. I decided to get mine in a slightly lighter shade for my skin tone so that it would match my skin better as my shade of foundation is slightly too dark and the powder evens it out. I apply this with my Powder Brush.

4. I then move onto my eyes. For my eyes I like to stay quite simple so I start off with a cool, slightly shimmery beige colour (the photo isn't very good- the colour is much more cream than the photo lets off) and apply this directly to my eye with a small flat shading brush (the third brush in from the right). I then apply the slightly darker colour on the outer corners of my eyes and in the crease with the same brush and blend the two together using the bigger brush (the second brush from the right).

5. I usually will then apply my NYX Gel Liner / Smudger. I have done a full review on this so I won't go into too much detail, however I apply this with an angled eyeliner brush. I haven't photographed it as it's really dirty haha.

6. For my lips I normally go natural or apply some lip balm. The weather that we've been getting is making my lips quite sore so I like to use this.

I hope you all liked this post and why not leave a comment if you did? :)


  1. This is a nice everyday routine! (: great post!

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  3. Love the nail colour! Great post, some lovely tips! The airbrush base foundation looks good! L xo


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