Ariana Grande Inspired Makeup, Hair and Outfit!

So recently I have been loving listening to Ariana Grande's music, and I personally think that she is utterly gorgeous, so I decided to try an Ariana Grande inspired makeup look. I've never done one of these before and I have no idea what the result will look like but I hope you enjoy this post and if you recreate this look tweet/instagram me (links below). Also, this look will be a combination of all of the looks that I've seen Ariana wear, so there is not a distinct look and just a similar style in general.

The Makeup;

1. Ariana always has flawless skin, so I suggest using some foundation (and concealer if you have any blemishes). A foundation that I recommend is the L'Oreal Infallible Foundation, it's not too pricey and is a good coverage. 

2. After this, I used the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes and on any areas that I needed a little more coverage. This just helped make my skin look more flawless.

3. For blush, Ariana always has a pink blush on her cheeks. I suggest using a Nyx blush as these are very pigmented, however if you are looking for a very cheap alternative then MUA do some good blushes.

4. Now add a little bronzer underneath the cheekbones and in the hollows of your cheeks. Ariana is very tanned and bronzed and her bronzer always looks stunning. After this, dust a little bit of highlighter along your cheekbones to add to the effect.

5. Moving onto the eyes, I noticed that Ariana never has strong eye makeup and likes to keep it very simple, so I decided to apply a very light brown over the eyelid and a slightly darker brown in the crease. This gives more depth to the eyes and is perfect for this look.

6. After the eyeshadow, I applied some brown eyeliner to the waterline and tightlined along the top waterline. This again adds more depth to the eyes and if you can don't wear black eyeliner as Ariana prefers to wear brown.

7. Next just get some eyeliner (gels probably best) and apply it in a thin line along the lashline. You can wing out if you want to, however Ariana doesn't often have winged eyeliner so I decided to skip this part out. 

8. The last step for the eyes is to apply a couple of coats of mascara. The next part is optional but I know that Ariana wears single false lashes, however I don't like false lashes so I skipped this part. Feel free to wear them if you want to. 

9. For the lips Ariana always wears gorgeous lipsticks, ranging from baby pinks to deep reds. I decided to go for a red colour by L'Oreal as I had it already. This completed the look nicely and adds a pop of colour to the dark eyes. Again don't worry if you don't have a red lipstick, just go for pink or even a nice lip gloss will be fine.

10. Finally outline your lips with a lip liner. In her makeup tutorial, Ariana said that she prefers to sometimes just use lip liner all over her lips, so this is a great alternative to using lipstick. 

The hair;

Ariana's hair is always beautiful, and if you have seen photos of her she usually wears similar hair styles- a ponytail or half her hair up. 

To recreate her half up hair style;

1. Pull back the top layer of your hair (leave out your fringe) and tie it up. Next, loosely curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron and hairspray into place. Finally, either grip back your fringe or French braid it back and grip it into place. 

To recreate her ponytail;

Simply pull your hair into a ponytail and again grip back your fringe. Also she loves to wear bows so maybe add a bow on your hair band or over your grip.

The outfit;

Finally, we always see Ariana in gorgeous dresses and skirts. The dresses she usually wears are floral, so maybe pick up a flowery skirt or dress to complete the look. Topshop and Newlook do some lovely ones for a very reasonable price so if you wanted to you could order one.

I hope you liked this post as I am aware that it is very different to what I normally post. As I said if you decide to try this look tweet/instagram me and I can have a look! Comment below if you want more posts like this! :-)