My Beauty Tips & Tricks!

Hey everyone:) So I always love hearing about people's beauty / makeup tips and tricks, so I thought that I would share mine with you! I don't have many but I hope these help everybody :-)

1. If you're ever applying eyeshadow, do so before your foundation to stop any excess eyeshadow falling onto your face. 

2. (This is a weird one haha). When applying foundation, to check that it's blended in properly, make a 'double chin' face so that you can check that your chin matches the colour of your neck. This sounds so weird but works really well.

3. After getting out of the bath or shower, try to moisturise straight away. Tests show that moisturiser works better if it's applied 2 minutes or less after being out of the shower/bath. 

4. If you find that your mascara doesn't last as long as you want it to, apply a couple of coats, wait until dry, apply some face powder to your eyelashes and coat them again with mascara. I always used to do this and it works really well.

5. To make your perfume stay on longer, apply a bit of vaseline on the area which you are about to put perfume on and then spray as normal.

6. To help your lashes grow longer without spending £40 on an eyelash treatment, just put some vaseline on your eyelashes overnight. Keep doing this and you should notice a difference.

7. If you find that when you apply a glittery nail polish you can't take it off, before you apply it put a thin layer of PVA glue (the runny one that you used to use in school) on your nails and then apply the nail polish. Then, once you want to remove it just peel off the glue!

8. To make your eyes look more awake and healthy, put a couple of spoons in the freezer overnight. In the morning, take out the spoons and hold them over your eyes. 

9. If you get chapped lips, before you go to bed just apply a coat of vaseline. In the morning, dab your lips with a flannel and they should be soft and smooth.

So I hope this helps any of you and leave a comment if it did:-)