Winter Must Haves!

As Christmas is over and it's now officially Winter, I thought the perfect post to do would be a Winter Must Haves. These are all of the products/items I recommend during winter!

1. A hydrating lip balm- During the winter our lips tend to get dry and chapped because of the harsh winds on them, so a moisturising lip balm is always good to have with you. For more of a repairing lip balm I recommend Carmex or Blistex as these are really good. If you prefer a moisturising lip balm I recommend the Maybelline Baby Lips as these are not so much repairing as moisturising. 

2. A good moisturiser; Similar to our lips, our skin also gets very dry and sore during the colder months. Because of this we need to be extra careful in taking some more time in the mornings or evenings and moisturise. If you're looking for an in-budget moisturiser I really think you should purchase one of the Simple moisturisers as these are very inexpensive but one of the best I have used.

3. Hats/Scarves/Gloves; Although not many people like wearing these items they can honestly make such a difference, and if you're worried about looking weird why not buy a pair that are in style? I think bobble-hat style beanies are perfect- they never go out of fashion and pretty much look good on anybody. I have one from Newlook and it is a knitted burgundy red one which is really warm but looks nice with any outfit. Also, for a scarf I like snoods, because again they always stay in fashion and keep your neck really warm.

4. Hot chocolate/Cappuccino; This ones optional but I always love a hot drink when I get home from school or if it snows (unlikely in England but occasionally we do get a tiny bit;) ) it is the perfect way to warm you up. For hot chocolate I make mine slightly differently to most people- I like to heat up some milk in a saucepan, add some cocoa powder and once it's done pour it into a cup (and of course add some whipped cream). 

5. Some good films; I am a massive fan of films and despite watching them all year round I do prefer watching them in winter with a cup of Hot Chocolate and a blanket.

So I know there isn't many but these are my 'Winter Must Haves', I hope you enjoyed this post and get some ideas for winter! :)