Shopping Haul!

Today myself and my friend went into town to do a little bit of shopping and came back with a few products. Therefore we decided to do a haul collab for you all! I hope you enjoy it and if you have any of the products that we mention, I would love to hear your opinions. :)

The first place we went is primark. We had both been wanting to try out the new collection of makeup (P.S Love) and bought a couple of products from the new range. The first thing I purchased were a packet of false nails in a gorgeous turquoise colour. They were really cheap and although they don't stay on particularly long, for £1.00 it isn't really something to expect.

The next thing I purchased was the P.S liquid eyeliner. I have to say that I have already used this and it is incredible! The pigmentation is amazing and it applies so easily and fluidly (is that a word?) and I absolutely love it. I only kept it on for a couple hours but even after then the colour was still just as strong as it was when I first applied it. Definitely something to invest in, and for £1.00 you just can't go wrong. 

The final thing I bought is a wide tooth comb. Recently I chopped a chunk of my hair (that sounded horrific, sorry guys haha) because I wanted it to grow back really healthily. Anyway, to do so all the tips I saw were to use a wide tooth comb when brushing your hair, so when I saw this I had to buy it.

The next shop we went to was Superdrug. As I may have mentioned I recently purchased the Herbal Essences Leave in conditioner, and I LOVE it, so I decided to buy the hair mask of it. I also have the shampoo and conditioner so I now have the whole collection. I'm not even ashamed. 

The final thing I bought was an NYC liquid eyeliner. I have to say that I'm not a massive fan of this as it is very liquidy and not too pigmented, however it's easy to apply and lasts for a while. 

So that's all I bought today, I will do a few in depth reviews if you'd like, just ask if you want to see them. 😊 

Alex :)