What's In My Makeup Bag?

I very recently switched up my makeup bag as my old one was getting to that point where it was slowly breaking, and the insides were filthily covered in old eyeliner and lipstick marks. So, that can only mean one thing; it's time to invest in a new one. Oh, and when I say 'invest', I mean pop into Primark and pick up a bargain...

As my new makeup bag is a lot bigger than my old one, it is definitely a lot easier to store all of my makeup inside, which is very handy for someone who carries around a lot of products with them. Mine is a pretty pink colour with a white floral pattern on it, and instead of two, it only has one big pocket. Oh, and did I mention that it was only £3.00? I'm only going to talk about my 10 most important products as if I did my whole makeup bag this post would go on forever haha.

The first item that I have in my makeup bag is my stippling brush by Real Techniques. I love this to blend in my foundation as it creates a really flawless finish.

The second thing I have is my Rimmel Stay Matte powder. This is a staple in my makeup bag as not only does it really mattify your skin, but it gives a bit of extra coverage if you need it.

The next thing I have is my Collection Lock 'n' Hold lipgloss. I love this as it looks very bright in the packaging, however when you apply it, the shade is a light, baby pink and is very easy to wear.

Another product that I have in my bag is the MUA Flawless Skin Primer. I don't notice much difference with this under foundation, however I like to wear it on it's own as it makes my skin feel much softer and evens it out.

I then have the NYX Gel Eyeliner. I don't wear this on it's own as I think it's quite difficult to get a precise eyeliner look, however it is incredible over the top of another eyeliner to keep it from smudging or wearing off.

I then have the Maybelline Baby Lips in shade Pink Punch. I absolutely love this as a pop of colour on my lips as it's not too pigmented.

I then have a Blistex Lipbalm just to hydrate my lips.

Next I have the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I love this to hide any blemishes and conceal my undereye circles.

I then carry around some polka dotted tweezers from Primark. These are really handy to carry around with me.

I then have the Revlon Colourstay Foundation. I have done a full review on this, however I love it to wear on an everyday basis.

I hope you all liked this short post; if you want to know what else I keep with me then just ask :)



  1. oo really great products and £3- what a bargain :D
    I'm so torn whether to try the real techniques brushes- I've read such mixed reviews lately- do you find they're better than other brushes you've tried? would love to know- thanks!
    Lovely post,
    L xo

    1. I know haha, I only buy my bags from primark;) And personally I have only tried the stippling brush, but I do really like it to use and blend in foundation, but I have to blend it in a little more using my fingers. Honestly they are good but also fairly expensive, and I am sticking to my less expensive brushes now! If you would like a full review I am happy to do one though. Thankyou! :) xx


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