Hey guys!

It feels so weird to actually be writing a post for you all today! The last post I did was on March 23, so I've had nearly 2 months away from blogging. I feel really 'refreshed' and ready to start blogging again, but before I get straight back into it I wanted to update you on the posts you guys can expect to see over the next couple days.

As you may or may not know, my birthday is tomorrow so I will be getting some presents. I might do a 'What I got for my birthday' type of post simply because I love watching videos and reading about what people got- it gives me some ideas on what to ask for etc. Also, next Friday (Friday 16) I am going shopping with my friend to get a few bits so I may do a haul. I have lots of other posts planned though related to beauty so I hope you're all happy that I'm back :) My first post will be tonight hopefully but if I don't have time it will be on Tuesday I'm guessing :)

Bye guys! Xx