What's In My Bag?

I don't believe that I've ever done a 'What's In My Bag?' post, yet I love reading them. I always enjoy seeing what other people think are staples for their bag, so I decided to do my own. Let's get started:)

I always carry around a mirror with me. Personally I think this is very important as you never know when you're going to need to touch up your makeup or check you have nothing in your teeth haha. I simply took an eyeshadow palette which I don't often use and then took out the eyeshadows to leave a good sized mirror.

A purse is an essential when carrying around your bag! I don't understand how anyone can keep their money loose in a pocket without worrying about losing it. Personally I carry around a purse, as you could also keep more things in there, such as keys and hairgrips.

Next, I always make sure I have the lipstick I'm wearing that day with me. As it's Autumn I've been loving the dark, burgundy lip, which is new for me as I'm not very confident wearing lipsticks. This month I've used Rimmel Kate Moss in 107 and a Revlon lip gloss in Berry Allure on my lips, therefore I always make sure I have them with me.

I also take my eyeliner and mascara with me. For some of you this may be strange, but I always find by the end of the day my eyes are a mess, with eyeliner chipped off in certain places and my mascara half worn away. By carrying these two products (and a mirror of course haha), it prevents this from happening.

Next I bring a lipbalm. Lately I've really gotten into using EOS lipbalms, and at the minute I am using the green one (not sure which scent, sorry!)

So that's all I have in my bag! I hope you enjoyed this style of post, let me know in the comments what you carry with you!