Staying Organised- Tips!

Hi guys! I'd like to say that I'm fairly organised and I seem to get things done when I need to, before I need too. I have a couple of helpful tips that hopefully will help you make sure you stay organised!

- Whether you go to school or you're at work, I'm sure you have homework or things you need to complete at home. My no.1 tip would definitely be to make sure you do these things as soon as possible. I know procrastination is hard to beat, but after I've finished all of my work I feel so much more 'free' haha. 

- Setting reminders on your phone is also really useful. Whenever you pull down your status bar you'll see a small note reminding you that you have an assignment (for example). This is really helpful if you tend to forget things! However, if you're completely useless at forgetting things 5 seconds after you've written them down, set an alarm! I have numerous alarms on my phone just titled 'Science homework' for a time I know I'm at home. 

- Having a binder, planner or a notebook to record what you need to do. This is so useful as if every night you just simply sit down and read it, you'll see what you need to do! For example, if you're in class and you remember it's your sister's birthday tomorrow, simply write it down in your planner. This is also useful when you're a blogger as if you come up with a blog post idea you can write it down quickly haha.

- Sticky notes are very handy when it comes to being organised. If you're lying in bed and remember that you need to do something the next day, you can simply write it on a sticky note and stick it on your door or elsewhere. This is pretty much foolproof as if you stick it somewhere you know you'll see it, you can't really go wrong!


  1. That alarm idea is really good! I use sticky notes all the time as well! haah


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    1. Thankyou! Yes it has helped me soo much! :) Xx


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