April Favourites!

Hi guys! I know it's a few days until May but I've been very short of time lately therefore I couldn't exactly go out and take lots of photos for a new post. I promise next weeks post will be better but due to personal problems this weeks post isn't great. I hope you guys all enjoy it anyway.

Bourjois CC Cream- I've been enjoying this since February but it's still an absolute essential in my makeup bag! 10/10 for me- worth picking it up if you're in need of a new face product!

Next Just Pink perfume- I'm not really a fan of many perfumes (I tend to stick to sprays etc.) as lots of perfumes give me headaches, however this one is gorgeous! I've been wearing it the whole of April and I love it.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer- Towards the end of March I was in need of a new bronzer so after hearing so many good reviews I picked this up- and I'm so glad I did! It's so pigmented (nearly too pigmented haha) and it's a gorgeous colour. I have the shade 720 sunny as this was the only one left in stock but luckily it matches my skin tone really well.

MUA Face Primer- I usually apply this just to my nose because that's wear my CC cream tends to wear off the fastest, and it's helped a lot! Infact, I've used this so much there is literally NO product left in the tube! 

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner- I was very in need of a new eyeliner and I ended up purchasing this one (my old favourite eyeliner has been discontinued:( ) and I have to say it's really impressed me. I don't normally find eyeliner's last well on my eyes but this one is great.

Maybelline Matte Maker- I've actually had this a while but it's not until recently I've got round to using it. I now use it every single day without a doubt and it's incredible.

Nivea Essential Care Watermelon Lipbalm- I bought this after my friend purchased it and raved on about it. It has a gorgeous pink tint and makes your lips feel really soft.

Jack Wills Hope Cove Body Spray- I actually got this for Christmas but I only started using it towards the end of March. Never the less it's now one of my favourite scents, and due to it being in a plastic bottle it's very portable (i.e. great in your school bag after PE!)

Essence Lipliner in 06 Satin Mauve- I normally don't like lipliners because I find they can be very drying on the lips. However, this totally proved me wrong! I picked this up because it looked like a great match to wear with the Rimmel 101 lipstick, but I now just wear it on it's own haha.

Spotify- I didn't know whether to include this but I've been loving it throughout April so I decided to. I downloaded it after my friend recommended it when I had a long car journey and I haven't looked back since! It doesn't drain my battery very much (even after listening to it for hours) and you can get pretty much every song on it. I have the free version and it's great so I would recommend saving your money and purchasing the free version. :)

I hope you all enjoyed the post! Leave a comment down below telling me what your April favourites are.

Alex x